Maintaining a septic system is an important part of protecting your home investment.  The following are a few important suggestions to help you insure a well functioning septic system.

1.  Do not plant trees within 100 feet of your septic tank as invasive roots can cause damage to the tank.

2.  Do not flush cat litter, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, paper towels, facial tissues, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, or similar items down the toilet. They'll quickly fill and clog your septic tank.

3.  Do not use heavy cleaners, particularly those that have bleach. They kill beneficial bacteria in the septic tank, so solids can't break down properly.

4.  Conserve water to reduce the load on the septic system. For example, do laundry throughout the week instead of all at once; use flow reducer nozzles on showers; install water-conserving commodes.

5.  Do not pour hazardous chemicals down the drain. They can harm your septic system and will eventually find their way into the ground water.

6.  Add a monthly dose of an enzyme product that adds beneficial bacteria to the septic system.

7.  Remember to have your septic system tanks pumped at least every three years.

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